How late can you cancel park reservation?

Staying for 6 nights and have 6 days of tickets. The problem I am having is deciding if the 6th day will be when we arrive, or the morning before we leave. On top of that, I am wondering how the park reservations will factor into this.

I have a park pass for the day we arrive. But, what if we have a bad travel day, and end up behind schedule? Can I still cancel that so I can then try for a reservation for the last day of the trip?

Does it lock me in as soon as the park opens that day, or does it only use it when I tap into the park? Maybe I am overthinking this, but I want to try to make sure. Wasting a park reservation on the first day of the trip certainly wouldn’t get it off to a great start.

Any help is appreciated. I did try to search for this answer in previous threads, but didn’t really find it anywhere.

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Yes you can cancel a park reservation at any time up to and including the day of your visit, as long as you haven’t tapped in. So on your arrival day, if you’re too tired to go to the parks, you can just change your reservation to the last day of your trip. Keep in mind that you may have trouble getting a last-minute reservation for HS, and possibly other parks if it’s a busy time.

Thanks so much. I had a feeling that was the case, but wanted to make sure.

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