How is this for Disney Magic!

I made my Bibbidi Bobbidi reservation months ago but I’ve been calling every few days to see if there are cancellations to get a better time. We leave today at 3 pm for FL so it was my last ditch effort!

The Disney Gods are smiling on me because I just got a cancellation opening - 8 am on our first day in the park! I think this means we can get in before RD right? So excited!!!


I don’t have experience with BBB and early entry but just wanted to say… Woohoo! for you. :slight_smile:

What time does the park open that day? If after 8 you should still be able to get in w/ your BBB res, awesome!!! Enjoy!

Park opens at 8 but she said we could get in at 7:30 to make our way to BBB as long as I have the confirmation #.

Pre RD ADRs etc usually get in at 7.45 but you never know.

Congrats on getting the appointment! Just goes to show that persistence pays off.

Perfect! That little jump before everyone gets in will be SOOOO nice!!!
We had an 8:20 breakfast at Hollywood & Vine last year on a day HS opened at 9…it was incredible. We got in at 8:10, walked over to Jedi Training signup (where there was obviously no line yet), signed up (and they gave us an anytime FP for doing so!) then waltzed into H&V for breakfast, it was so magical lol - here’s a pic!