How is Disney Transportation since my last visit in 2016?

Hi All, I’m visiting Disney and staying at All Stars Music resort in three weeks for 5 days. When we stayed at AoA two years ago, we had no issues with just using the bus and we did that exclusively. This time though the girls will be 7/10 and we’re planning on staying late a couple of nights for the fireworks etc. which we didn’t do last time.

I’m wondering if the buses are still as reliable as last time, but also wondering how easy everyone has found using Uber and Lyft, which we use regularly here in NYC. How about the Minnie buses? Are any of these three options easy to get after the fireworks at MK or are they too busy? Are they easy to get in the mornings, I was thinking of using it at least one morning to get to HS’s for extra magic hours.


I was there in Jan and used the buses for everything except one resort to resort trip when I used Uber.
I had no trouble with the buses at all. The uber was mid-morning, fast but it was $20 from GF to Pop which was a little more than I expected, but not bad.
However, I have heard that the surge pricing after the fireworks is very high, and wait for a Minnie van can be long.
I did have to wait for the bus after fireworks, but they were almost continuous & I didn’t feel it was a long wait, plus it is free :slight_smile:
The only thing about the bus at the end of the night is how full they pack them, so a lot of people standing.


We stayed at All Star Sports and we used ECVs only one time did we wait for a second bus because there was someone else with a ECV a head of us. The buses were very timely longest wait might have been 10 min. There were times the buses were standing room only. Only once did a bus leave people behind. This was a bus that was half full and ready to leave when a ton of people came out of nowhere and the driver stopped to pick up as many as he could.

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