How is BOG lunch wait now?

Been hearing rumours of horrific waits even with an ADR. Growing pains or new normal? Who knows anything? :eyes: (We have an 11:50 res for May 10th.)

It’s still too early to tell. I would say growing pains. Not many people had time to pre-book their meals and I’m sure there are kinks in THAT system. Even during the “testing” I had heard of orders not showing up on people’s reservations. So then they would have to re-order at the kiosks inside. (This happened to me too). That will cause delays too.

It’s gonna be rough for a while, but I’d expect it to calm down a little by the time May rolls around (I Hope!!)

Now that BOG lunch is secured with a cc, if you show up for the meal, but the wait is too long and you decide that it is not worth it do you think Disney will charge the $10.00? After all, you showed up it was the restaurant the was lacking.

That’s the case with any ADR. I’ve waited 20 minutes or more at LTT to get seated. If I had left, I would’ve been charged. So I would believe that you’d be charged in this instance too.