How is Aladdin's Oasis?

I am currently debating whether to do the Paint the Night package with Aladdin’s Oasis or the BB. I’m familiar with BB, but I can’t seem to find any information on AO. I checked the DLR site, but it isn’t providing any information about the restaurant other than it has the PtN package available, and Stitch has eaten the page that lists their menu.

I usually reference the TP site for DLR dining information too, but AO is not listed among the restaurants there for some reason either.

Does anyone here have any experience with AO and know if it is a decent choice for the package?

I found a review here-

Thank you, @MeetMeAtThePoly. This is really helpful. :grinning:

I’m not sure that AO is a restaurant more so than an area where you pick up your to-go meal boxes for the reserved viewing section of paint the night parade. The food would be overpriced without using the parade viewing ticket. You can eat your meal either in the oasis area which I’ve seen described as relaxing and great, or you can take the meal and eat elsewhere.

OK. Thanks for your input. :+1:

Where is Aladdin’s Oasis? I can’t find it on the map on the Disneyland website.

It’s in between the Enchanted Tiki Room and the Jungle Cruise. It looks like it doesn’t come up on the DLR map as a restaurant with the fork and knife symbol. But there is the man and woman symbol showing “Aladdin’s Oasis Companion Restroom.”

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Awesome! Thank you so very much!

We just ate there a few weeks ago. The food is decent, but a little overpriced if you take it for face value. You really are paying an extra “fee” for the PTN reserved seating area (still make sure you get there a little early). IMO the food would be better if it was presented better (not in a plastic takeout container). I’m not sure why they decided to go with the “to-go” set-up. We ate at the restaurant, which is a beautiful open-air setting with plenty of shade.

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Thank you, @kimweightman11 for the great information. We have it scheduled as a late lunch for our first day at the park, and I’m glad to know the food was good. How early would you suggest getting to the designated area for PTN? :watch:

We mis-timed one of our Fast Passes and didn’t get there until late (like 10 minutes before the parade started) but we were able to stand and have a great view of the parade. The “Fast Pass” ticket they give you says to return at 8pm (for the 8:30 parade) but I would linger around that area probably 7:45pm or so if you want “front-row” seats (where you can sit down and nobody is in front of you). We ended up seeing the parade twice during our visit, and I thought it was actually better viewed while standing (although I had kiddos to carry the whole time!)

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@kimweightman11, thank you so much for the quick answer. That is very helpful–and I understand completely about having to hold the kiddo during the parade. I’m hoping to be able to sit down so I don’t have to do that this time :slight_smile: