How is a reservation different from FPP? BOG

Interested if there is any difference between a reservation for dining and and FPP? Have seen lots of topics about BOG FPP and wondering how this is different from just making a reservation through the site? This is one of the dining experiences we’ve decided we’d love to do, and can see that dining res can be made 180 days out, but FPP seems to be a lot closer to the date? is there a benefit of one over the other, or is FPP just if you didn’t get a reservation at the 180 day mark?

Just about all Table service meals require Advanced Dining Reservations, which can (and should) be made at your 180 day mark.

FPP is for in park attractions and can be booked through MDE at 60 days out. 30, if you are staying off-site.

BOG lunch is completely separate from the normal dining reservation system and from the normal FPP system. This reservation opens up at about 27 days out, requires a resort reservation # and can only be booked at Your BOG FPP does not count as one of your 3 attraction FPP’s.


Thanks MDU. Ok, so we’ll be looking at dinner. So I do that at the 180 mark (if it’s available) and then don’t have to worry about FP?
The FPP is for lunch?

Correct. Dinner is a normal (and very difficult to get) reservation. Good luck :slight_smile:
If you don’t get it on your 180 day, keep trying.


perfect! thanks MDU. I’ll be on it! Was interested as a ressie came up last night for 1st March which was obviously 180 days from yesterday. Too early for us! (June/July)