How Inexpensive Do Last Minute DVCs Rentals Get?

My family and I are driving down to Orlando the day before we check into CBR (4/22). We currently have a Holiday Inn Express we are staying at. I booked it awhile ago, so I got a decent deal ($200 for a suite).

I would love to stay a Disney resort instead of a Holiday Inn. My budget-conscious DW wants to go as inexpensive as possible for that night. She has a point: it’s a quick place to sleep for one night.

That being said, how inexpensive can dedicated DVC rentals be booked at the last minute? I’ve been watching this particular rental: Dedicated Reservation Form Any chance it could drop down to the $200 range?

I’ve never rented a DVC before, so I’m clueless.

You can get a DVC studio for 10 pts or less per night at some resorts and if they sell at $20 a point that would be $200

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I think most of the DVC rental agencies offer confirmed reservations. You might also want to try DVC Rental Store Browse Confirmed Reservations - DVC Rental Store

Or DVC Shop


Do I just keep checking the dedicated reservations for that?

Another question: If I book a studio that sleeps 4 and we have 5 people in family, does that matter? Will one of my kids have to sleep in the car…? :rofl:

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I’m not really familiar w/ Dave’s but I checked my DVC owners site and nothing is currently available the night of 4/21 and the lowest point per night is at Jambo house

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:rofl: many studios sleep 5

Things do become available at the last minute but I’m not sure how Dave’s works to secure those. I believe they have to have an owner send that info to them first.

If there is a hard limit of 4 you will only have 4 people listed. That could potentially cause an issue if you try to use the early entry to the parks, depending if they only allow resort guests to scan in early and whether they want to scan everyone’s bands to ride. Same with the extended hours.

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As @ppehap said, there are some rooms that are naturally around $200 based on market pricing that you could get without using a dedicated rental. But I think you’re asking about reduced price / sales on dedicated rentals. The biggest savings come from expensive room categories for longer stays. If you are looking for a single night in a Studio, there will probably be no sales. I would just rent direct.

However, if you want to watch the Dedicated Rentals, check out this post here where I list four of the major players that I watched when I was looking for (and found!) a stay at the Poly for my trip in October. It was a pretty good deal (though a bit more than $200/night. :grimacing:)


Just looking again and the following studios sleep 5: BW, WL, BC, Poly, GF, Riv. The lowest points per night were 19 at BW.

There is one room category that is priced in the “$2xx” range for April 22nd: Animal Kingdom Lodge Value. You will not get this room. It is impossible to get. But you can watch the dedicated rentals just in case. (ETA it has an occupancy of 4 people, so it would be a risk.)


Boulder Ridge sleeps 5, Copper Creek does not.

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correct… I didn’t differentiate, sorry.

Y’all are awesome with all this information! I’ve only been looking at the dedicated rentals. As I mentioned earlier, I’m clueless about this process.

This one night stay won’t be linked to any of our other plans. It’s just a place to sleep for one night. I was thinking the occupancy level wouldn’t matter for that, but I guess it does.

Now, I could convince my wife to stay at AK for under $300… Maybe some pixie dust will come our way.


:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

It’s a very busy full up time of year

Fill out the regular reservation form at this site. If they can’t find you the room you requested, they will give you a list of available options and prices. If you don’t want those, you can be put on a waiting list to see if the room pops up, but they may not let you do that if they don’t think there will ever be availability. You have a to pay a deposit, but they will refund you if they can’t secure the room you requested.


I’m with your wife. That first night will just be a place to crash. You’ll even have your car where you can leave your luggage. When you pack put everything for everyone will need in one bag, maybe a backpack.

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That’s her plan! We have a good packing strategy: She packs the bags. I get to play Tetris and pack the van.

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That is funny. Tetris is even what I call what DH does with the luggage. I’m only allowed to put stuff inside the car. I’ve even started to put packing cubes in the pile directly, rather than inside some other luggage. He can really fill up the tiny spaces with those.