How important is it to make FPP as soon as available?

Just figured it out, I will actually be in DCA (yeah me) on the day we can schedule my FPP for WDW. We might be in the room by 9 pm but obviously not going to plan my one night in DCA around that.

My big concerns are 7DMT and Anna/Elsa. Are the still “selling out” (for lack of a better term) right away?

I was able to get them a few days into our trip. I didn’t do our FP booking til quite late in the day.

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Thank you! This makes me feel better. The DCA trip is a bonus trip that we are doing through work, the WDW trip has been planned for months and don’t want to mess that up :slight_smile:

Are you going in the fall? I could see if it’s still an option if I try to change experience for the later dates

Thank you @atomic we are actually going on 11/30 so my FP day is 10/1 – you know the one day of the year I might not be around my computer on time LOL. Could be worse, could be when I am in the air :slight_smile:

Luckily, I am very flexible about my times as we aren’t park hopping and spending all day in each park. The only one I really wanted was 7DMT on our arrival day because I thought it would be great to do something that none of us in our party has done before.

There are only a handful of attractions that absolutely require 60-day advance FPP: A&E, 7DMT and Be Our Guest lunch (or whatever the max day # is for that).

For things like Space Mountain, Test Track and Soarin’, there are many day-of opportunities available once the park opens. Some of them drop quickly, but if you get your advance FPs early enough in the day, you’ll have a decent shot.

Always the way! That’s why I did mine late as we were away in Niagara Falls. I got everything I wanted just not A&E or 7DMT for the arrival day. It was a couple days later. Good luck :smile:

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Thanks Len and @atomic

Thanks Len! I was thinking that in my head. My window opens up in 6 days and family doesn’t like to follow any trip plans. With 10 days in the World I figured just get the HOT rides 7dmt, Soarin and TSM during the window and let the chips fall where they may when we arrive. I keep telling myself treat it like the paper FP and see what can be picked up while in park or that morning, barring MDE doesn’t go on strike like I’ve been reading in some of the Chats lately. I saw your new feature being tested and it really sounds like a great add on.

My window for FPP reservations opened today & all the Anna & Elsa FPP are taken for our MK days (we have to do it - nieces are 3 & 5). Do any times typically open up later or are these really already taken? Thanks!

@rcblount, what days were you trying for today for A&E & 7DMT ? Just curious, as my opportunity to book FPP is tonight. Thanks !

I was trying for 10/31 and 11/1. I had no problem getting 7DMT, just A&E

Oh, no !! I was going to try for A&E tonight…also for the 31st. :frowning: Thanks for the info !!

Actually realized it works out better for me because it’s 9 pm CA time when I will be trying. Perfect but my worry is now going to be HM since our arrival day is the last day before it closes (11/30) and is my nephew’s all-time favorite. I hope I can get for him.