How important are EMH?

Trying to decide if the benefits of an EMH at HW makes sense on a 10 day there (other days during our stay are 7s there). We have hoppers. We are likely going to HW in the evening for Start Wars Galantic Nights (assuming I can get tickets) but I was thinking that it might be better to do AK at regular rope drop for the day and put HW on a less crowded day but without EMH. Any thoughts?

If you like the rides at DHS, and you have hoppers, AND you are paying for EMH, then it’s a no brainer. The thing is, you have to make it a point to get there on time. I’m a fan of DHS tho, I’d have no issue going twice during a trip - especially with hoppers

How about splitting your day? Do EMH at HS then hop to another park around lunchtime. On another park day start somewhere else and hop to HS later in the day for fireworks.

For EMH it’s really important to be there before the park opens or you lose the advantage of rope dropping. For an 8am open, staying on site, for us that means trying to be at the bus stop around 6:30-6:45am.

I don’t like EMH

From my experience they are too busy and as a Hotel guest it’s a perk that I don’t rate that highly any more

Having said that my wife and I have joined the 5am club lately so really early starts for FOP queuing will be easy for us (but sadly not the kids)

I’m new around here, so I have to ask: What is EMH, HW, and FOP?

EMH - Extra Magic Hours
FOP- Flights of Passage

HW- I think bbarrett is talking about Disney Hollywood Studios (also known as DHS)

I love love love EMH in the mornings! Thats my favorite time in the parks. So much easier to get attractions done without it being crazy.

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Thanks. Makes sense, now that you spell it out for me! :slight_smile:


The only park that I would absolutely not do EMH in the morning is Animal Kingdom. You have not see an elbow to elbow crowd at any of the parks like you will doing the EMH at AK when everyone is trying to get to Flight of Passage.

Holy moly! Trust me. People get there 2 hours ahead of time. They don’t take the buses. They ALL take Uber or Lyft.

If you need a handy list the following gives a pretty comprehensive list… very helpful sometimes. Welcome!

This is about 75 minutes before park opening at Animal Kingdom on EMH day.

And this is what happens if you casually arrive roughly 10-15 minutes before park opening.

If there’s one piece of advice you adhere to before your trip.

Get as early as it’s humanly possible to Animal Kingdom if you’re going EMH day…heck even non EMH day.

You will thank me later.

I always avoided EMH even though we stayed on site. We never had hoppers. We are going in early September and will use half EMH to help avoid some of the heat. I was going to do an EMH on one of our two AK days and hop to Epcot after lunch. That picture may change my mind for AK.

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Yea, staying for EMH at night is fun and a different story, but the morning EMH’s can get insane.


Oh my goodness!! Glad I snagged a FOP Fast Pass. That is ridiculousness.