How I chose my ADRs

Technically, I dumped him in December 2009. And he started his new relationship in February 2010.

He’s a good guy.

This quote (which I took the time to write down from the Christmas episode of Doctor Who) describes him perfectly:


OK wow… so… my name is Lauren… I think we’ve entered some type of twilight zone here…


Good hearted weirdos are 100% the best.


What a plan! Now do mine…I’m so overwhelmed :joy:

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Love this plan! I need to follow
All the reports. Too many ADR ideas not enough time!

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I was thinking the same, LT! (Re: twilight zone)

Matt, it sounds like this is the one that got away. I hope it all works out the way it’s supposed to but not sure what a Mouse Matt happily coupled up will look like for us! Would love to find out, though.


This. 100%

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And this. 100%.

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I thought we couldn’t get ADR’s now until 60 days prior. Is that correct? I’d love to be able to make our early for our December trip.

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You can’t. I’ve been planning what I’ll be shooting for when my windows open.

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Welcome! Stick around! Ask all the questions!

Great! Now I’m sad again. I was really hoping they were going back to pre-COVID.


Oh no! Sorry!