How hard is it to get the best FP's at day 60 exactly?

I’m planning for a 7 day in December and my ADR day is coming up in two weeks.

Everything else will work way better if we do our one day DHS as our first day, but I’m worried that we won’t be able to snag any SDD FPP’s on day 60 exactly. How much does it matter whether you’re 60+1, 60+2, or 60+whatever? Rope drop is probably out of the question because we’ll be jet lagged from Pacific Time.

Similar question for FoP.

FOP is the main one that’s most difficult right now, and so the further into your trip you can make that the better. That said, the past two trips - Sept and April - we have gotten it on D60+3 for late afternoon

I don’t have any advice… but we’re in the same boat. Want to do DHS on the first day, but I’d really rather get a FP for SDD. If we have to, we’ll get one for TSMM and deal with the wait.

It sounds like we’ll be there about the same time. My ADR day is about 10 days away. I have to start planning like a maniac! (Like I haven’t been already)

We were there in April before TSL of course. At day 60, I easily grabbed FOP for both 60+5 and +6.
Our first day was a resort day, so +1 I got TSMM (last day they were available), tower and star tours.
+2 space, splash, 7DMT
+3 TT, SE, mission space orange
+4 PP, splash, BTMRR
+5 FOP, EE, dinosaur (actually same for 5 and 6)

Also, we came from west coast. We got up at 5:30am pacific on travel day which gave us a jumpstart on the time change. Got in close to midnight, stayed at airport hotel. Back to airport next morning for DME to resort (resort day). Following day was first park day, we were out of the room at BW by 8:30, walking to HS. It ended up being a EMH, so we didn’t get to RnRC quite as early as I hoped but really not too bad. And we had teenagers who are not usually morning people especially with a 3hr time change.

Sorry for what now looks like a mini trip report. Hopefully some of this info is helpful big picture for some of what to expect.


The later in your trip, the better off you will be. There have been plenty of reports of no FOP FPs (the current hot ticket item) on day 60. Most people have to go out to 60+2, 3 or 4 to find them. We booked it on 60+5 and there were plenty of time choices. I imagine Slinky dog will be the same way.

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My 60 day window was today. I easily got SDD for 60+3 this morning, and there are actually some still available now (8:30 PM) for that day. There were also a lot available for TSMM. I got FOP for 60+6, but was unable to get FOP for 60 exactly. Hope that helps!


We are a good bit away from getting Fast passes, but I created a touring plan for 60+2 for HS at the end of September, and interestingly without FP it showed a longer wait for TSM than SDD. Of course right now it’s listed as a 1 in terms of crowd level at HS. THAT WILL CHANGE, I am sure

My ADR day is in 13 days. Not only am I concerned about A ADR’s, but also FP availability, eventually. We booked a BB offer with FD for mid-December. This time only have 4 days, and AK is on our arrival. Not as concerned about HS, which will be 60+3.

Just wanted to update as yesterday was my 60 day window. I couldn’t get FOP for day 60 yesterday, but checked again today and got it. There were quite a few times. There were also several new times for SDD for my 60+3 day.