How far to walk to entrance from Lowe's Royal Pacific?

For a quick trip to the park, trying to decide if it’s just as easy to walk from the parking garage (15 minutes) as it is to walk from the hotel? If too far, then does anyone know how often the shuttles run?

We will technically be guests of the hotel, but won’t actually be moving out of our off site hotel (too onerous for a big group as only a few of us doing the one night hotel option), so we could either drive there and park in garage (going from 7pm-9pm), or park at hotel (we have to pay for parking anyway), and either take a shuttle or walk.

What is less hassle? I know that we’d be out $17 if we park in the garage, since we will have to pay for parking regardless.

Confused why only 2 hrs parking?? Hotel is closer than parking garage for Ioa and hotel is quicker to walk from due to avoiding the queues for security at CW. Parking garage has no overnight parking and charges per day Hotels have overnight parking and charge per night. This map might help you
for reference the yellow line can be done in under 5 minutes at a very quick walking pace.

If you are parking in the Uni garage after 6pm its on $5, so that would be cheaper than the hotel, but you aren’t supposed to leave your car there overnight.