How, exactly, does it work?

So, in the Liner app, there is a section where people can enter posted and actual wait times.

I’m wondering how this works, exactly. I had been under the impression, for quite some time, that the information TP as using was some kind of data from Disney itself. But this functionality makes it seem like it is based on what Liners are using. (That’s the first time I’ve used the term “Liners” here, despite having known the definition for a while. Do I get a sticker?)

Anyhow, as much as I think this is great, I just can’t see myself doing it. I mean, not for lack of intention…but when I’m there, I’m distracted by things. Conversations with family, noticing the sites, paying attention to whatever. So, I can imagine not wanting to stop long enough to enter such data.

But this leads me to wonder HOW this data is determined. I mean, so I hit some kind of “start” timer when I enter the line and then “end” when I get off the ride? But then the time includes the ride time itself. Or maybe there is no timer, and I have to just put in my actual time estimate, assuming I actually paid attention to when I entered the line to when I got onto the ride.

This makes me think the actual wait times that users post might not be terribly accurate. What defines “being in line”? The moment you pass the Tapstile? The moment you come to a stop in the line behind others waiting? And does the wait time end at the little station where Disney has you hand off those wait-time lanyards? Or do you include the additional wait time that comes after that (usually fairly small)?

It seems like this information needs some kind of definition of consistency.

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The app. has some pretty detailed instructions. You are to hit end when you are “about to get on the ride.” I do it as the last gate/door is opening to the vehicle (not the preshow) or theater where I will sit for the duration of the ride. I always hit start when I reach the end of the line of human beings and stop walking. In most cases, this is ± 1 min. from tapping which is probably not significant.

But, like you, I often forget or am busy doing other things.


I do this somewhat regularly when I’m there.

There are options for both “input posted time” and “time your wait”.

Input posted time is pretty self-explanatory.

Time your wait starts a timer, and gives you a button to “stop timer” when you are about to enter the show or get on the ride.

There is also a button to cancel if you screw up and forget to stop it on time.

It’s pretty self explanatory, TBH.

As for me, I tend to start the timer when I scan in for a FP in the FP line or when I stop behind a person in a standby line.


I did it often on our last trip. Helps them keep an accurate actual wait time listed in the app.

I’m pretty sure it’s a.combination of things. Primarily Disney wait times, but then with the gathering of data from users over the past 10 years, they use statistical modeling to figure out the actual wait times.

Oh thank you @ryan1!! I’ve always felt really guilty about forgetting to time and submit TP ride times. Like I was the worst liner ever. I’ve submitted one ride time in my five years here :zipper_mouth_face: but I honestly forget too!

Well…we can be the worst liners TOGETHER. And if there can only be ONE worst, based on the definition, then the fact that there are two of us means NEITHER of us are the worst! There. Problem solved. :wink:

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This. I always have intentions of posting photos to Instagram and I think I am, but then when I’m home and want to reminisce I realize I posted like 2 a day and it seemed like so much more. I think we are so busy in the moment that contacting the outside world is hard to make happen.

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And disconnecting is the best part!! Besides fast pass making I don’t want to be on my phone there. It was so nice to be in the moment with my kids.

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I couldn’t figure out how to post a wait time when I was there (SOB, SOB) 2 weeks ago. I wanted to update the wait time for SFRTH because there was a line of people on the entrance bridge! I turned back around, jumped the turnstile, scoffed at all of those people, and then proceded to get a citrus swirl.

Sorry that this is a little tangent off the original topic but along the same lines: the rides reported as down in the app, are they also from user reports? Splash went down while I was on it and I tried to report it but couldn’t figure out how. I may have just been oblivious in the moment.

(it was listed as down just a few minutes later so whatever the system is, it updated pretty fast)

It often is from a user submission.

Do “add wait time” and “posted time” and scroll to “closed”. Submit and you’re done.

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