How easy is it to change dates for Disney resort?

I am planning (really hoping) to do a January trip for WDW. However, it’s possible we might have to push it back to May, depending on my husband’s work situation.
If I were to book a room-only for January… and later found out I needed to reschedule it to May… would that be possible? Would Disney charge a fee to change the hotel dates?
Would there be a deadline I would need to change by?
Thanks guys!

If you are doing a room-only reservation, you can change or cancel it without penalty up until 5 days prior to check-in (6 days for online bookings). If you are doing a vacation package (room and tickets and/or dining all together), you can change or cancel it without penalty up until 30 days in advance. Note that the ability to change is dependent on room availability and there may be a different base rate for the room/package.

Perfect, thank you!!

Had a thought this morning. Do you think I should book BOTH a January and May hotel? And then just cancel the one we don’t need? I worry about the standard rooms at WL getting all booked up.

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Yes I would

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This would be smart but would tie up some money for you for a bit. If you’re good with that then this is a really good plan. Room only requires deposit of one night stay plus tax, so you’ll be doing this x2. Depending on which resorts this could be substantial. But it definitely would be the easiest way to guarantee you can get what you want.

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Sounds good! I already have 90% of the money saved for the trip! So 2 deposits shouldn’t be an issue.

Now, I’ve been toying with 8 days vs 9 days… should I book these for 9 days? Is it easy to change it to 8 days if necessary?

Yes, far easier to cut down by a day than to add one.

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Perfect! So happy!