How easy is it for picky kids at ohana?

Wondering how easy it is if you request something else for your child for dinner. I know they have chicken (cause my kids won’t eat shrimp/beef), but I think it may not be flavored how they like. Any options?

Well, you could always apply The Treatment - I know that it is intended for ADHD, but I think that it has been prescribed off-label for picky eaters…

I believe they will bring out something more to their liking. DS was being a bit of a pill early on in our dinner and our cast member asked if he would like something else. Since he was fine with the food and just needed an attitude adjustment, we declined (and he soon got over himself and ate well). But the offer made me understand that they would be willing to get something else if needed. Pricey for a grilled cheese tho :wink:

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Yeah, I needed a lot of those as a kid. DW maintains that I still need them :smiley:

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I am so grateful we are allowed to use South Park references on TP. So many instances of wanting to use “tssssst” when reading (SP episode that parody’s Caesar Milan).

Apologies for being unable to answer the question… I have never done Ohana (ah!)