How early do you need to be for the Indiana Jones Show?

I am working on finishing my touring plan for our DHS day. Indiana Jones is a must for us this trip since we did not get to it last trip. My touring plan currently has us showing up at 3:00 PM for the 3:15 PM show. Is this early enough? What are the chances of it filling up?


When for?

I have seen people turned away for more than one show but that was on Dec 30th. Some people were complaining because the same thing had happened at the previous show. I mean, duh! Turn up earlier for the next one, which is pretty much what the CM said but politely. :joy:

But normally the line starts building maybe 30 minutes before. The doors don’t open for stand-by until about 15 minutes before the start.

If it’s a must-do, I would personally either book an FP or plan to be there 30 minutes before.

If I got turned away once, I definitely wouldn’t let it happen again lol! We will be there on March 4th. 3:15 is really the only time I can make work for us. I will see if I can get us there any earlier than 15 min. Thanks!

It all depends on crowd levels. The theater is pretty big, however, if it’s a very, very, crowded day, you might be out of luck if you show up late. Not sure if you’ll have all pre-booked fp’s done before that, but if so, grab Indy fastpasses as 4th or 5th, etc. It all depends on your priorities and the crowd level. Get there early, or grab a fastpass, or be prepared to be turned away at that time.

I hope it’s ok to add a question to this thread, how early do you think you should show up for Indy on a crowd level 8 in April? My TP suggests 15 minutes beforehand.

Do some shows get more busy than others? I’m looking at the 1.15 ideally.