How early do EMM events fill? Hoop De Doo as well?

I booked our trip for the end of August, made ADRs, and booked 3 advance purchase events/meals: EMM in Fantasyland, EMM Toy Story Land, and Hoop De Doo. Now it looks possible/likely we will need to reschedule for earlier in the summer (maybe early August?). I won’t know for sure about schedule for at least another month, and even then it will be subject to change (work, ugh!). I already booked a room only reservation for another set of possible dates, and made many of the same ADRs we have booked for our Plan A trip. But given that it is all up in the air, and I’d need to pay in advance for the EMM events and Hoop De Doo, I have not yet booked Plan B dates for those things. How soon in advance to these things fill up? Can I afford to wait another month?

I booked EMM Fantasyland for June 2nd and as of today there is still availability. I go in and randomly check. I’m not sure why? Maybe to see if it will be sold out while I’m there or maybe I’m just crazy.