How early do buses run at POP?

How early do buses start running for MK and AK at pop? Are there multiple buses showing up, long waits? Tell me what you know :slight_smile:

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We were at Pop at the end of July and I believe the official statement is that the buses start running 30 minute prior to park opening…but in reality they actually start running 40-60 minutes prior to park opening. I want to say we got to the bus stop about an hour prior to park open for our AK day and we were on the first or second bus around 45 minutes prior to park opening. On our MK day, we were slow getting out of the room and showed up to a long but properly socially distanced line at the POP bus stop about 30-40 minutes prior to park opening. Five buses then came in quick succession and we were on the 5th bus and made it through the MK gates just a couple minutes after official park open. I don’t recommend this second scenario and would recommend being at the bus stop a full hour before park open as this will save you a lot of time once you get there even if the first bus doesn’t come for 20 minutes.