How early can one enter a park with PPO breakfast?

If I have an 8:50 reservation at Garden Grill with a 9am EPCOT opening, how early will they let me in?

Side question: is it better to have the PPO GG breakfast or go to EPCOT on EMH morning and no PPO? Thoughts anyone?

We have the exact same reservation and I was wondering the same thing!

7:45ish. We loved PPO GG. We got to get on Soarin before the park opened, plus the breakfast is yummy.

Oh good! I have read other places that you can get in at 7:45 because your name is on “the list” and it doesn’t matter when your reservation is, but that it’s before park opening. I have revamped a lot of plans recently and I’m trying to make it all work. Thank you!

It depends what you’d like to accomplish, but, for example:
On an Epcot am EMH, I’d expect to be able to do Soarin and Test Track twice each before the 9am RD crowds start filling in the lines.

Really? That’s impressive. If we could do that, I wouldn’t worry about the meal. We are going the week of MLK Jr day if it matters. The Thursday of that week is EMH and is a CL4

The trick for am emh?
Don’t be late.
Most people PLAN on getting there at 8, but life happens.
Create a personal TP, to get a feel of what to expect to be able to get done of what you would care to do.

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I have created a personal touring plan and it only says I can get soarin in with a 16 minute wait first thing. It doesn’t tell me to go to test track until almost 10. Which seems weird. Does it make sense? I’ve attached it here.

An 8:50 ppo reservation isn’t going to get you any ride advantage if that’s what you are after. They will be letting the crowds into the park about the time you sit down to breakfast.

They do not make you wait until 8:50 if you arrive at 7:45. As long as you have an ADR before park opening, they will seat you and typically in order of arrival.

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Hasn’t there been mixed results with that at GG?

Your TP needs to be published to be shared. At the top of your plan, there’s the a General Info type of section, click on Edit, then near the bottom of the window that opens, put a checkmark in the “Publish” this plan prompt. Then you can share your plan with a link that gets generated.

I’d say GG is very consistent in letting people in early.

Thank you! Here’s the link.

I’ve heard same. But I wasn’t sure it would be the same for an 8:50 res. We are staying at BLT, so planning on taking the monorail. If we get to Epcot at 7:30, I’m hoping they’ll let us in with everyone else.

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Ok, so with no fastpasses, and no attractions that you’d like to do more than once, TP is generating your best plan of attack for walking/waiting in lines for what you’ve told it you’d like to accomplish in the time frame you’ve selected. If you’d like to change stuff around, add or subtract meals, breaks, attractions, and see what your projected wait times will be in the order YOU’D like them, after you have them ordered, then hit “Evaluate.” If you’d like the software to create it’s best projected plan, hit “Optimize.”

It’s letting you know that doing a few things before Test Track will save you time / walking for the ENTIRE day as a whole according to its calculations.

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Got it. I’ll keep messing around with it and see what I get. Thanks for all the help!

Keep trying for an earlier reservation at GG? how many in your party? We only have 2 so i reserved for 4 and then just changed the party to 2. I got 8am on the dot when I did it that way. Had no idea that was even a thing.

I’ve gotten a couple for a couple of different days. I’ve gotten an 8:50 on a Friday and 8:30 on a Wednesday. Instead of doing a bunch of character meals like we did last time, I’m contemplating doing the early morning Magics and the Star Wars tour. We get meals and a dessert party and meet and greets with them. Plus the price difference is that much more than doing a bunch of character meals or TS.

Did you end up doing the Garden Grill reservation and getting in early? We got s reservation for 8:35, but would ultimately like to get seated closer to 8:00 so we can get to Soarin before rope drop crowd. Anyone else have success with getting in early? Thanks!