How early can I check in at Hard Rock to get express pass

We’re staying for one night, and want to use our Express passes for 2 days, I heard we can do this. How early can I check in at Hard Rock to get our Express passes, and where do I go when i get there? Don’t want to waste any time. And can we drop our luggage? Where do we do that? Thanks

I think you can go from 6am, certainly from 7am. Just go to the check in desk where you’ll get your temporary room key (as you won’t have an actual room yet) which I believe you use as your express pass now. Bell services is also in the lobby to leave your luggage. Then you can be straight on your way to the parks.


Yes, I have picked up at 7am.

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We were aiming for 7am last time but I think it was around 9.30 - the best laid plans are no match for MS!


Thanks so much! We’ll shoot for 6 and hope for the best!

The early entry park usually opens at 8 and is only a 10 minute walk so there’s no need to aim for that early!

We got to the Hard Rock at 8:30 and it was all good.

Oh ok. Thanks