How does this sound for HS evening? Realistic?


We are going to HS on our arrival day. We drive and usually check in to the hotel around 1-2pm.

We want to unload in the room and hop on the bus to HS.

We have three fast passes, but will probably only use two of them.

Arrive at HS as soon as possible.

4:45pm - FPP for Anna/Elsa sing along
5:50-6:50 - FPP for Toy Story Mania
Oakens Trading post if time
6:50 - dinner at Sci Fi
8:00 - check in for Frozen dessert party (we paid for frozen package but will miss the morning activities.
9:00 Frizen Fireworks
Head back to resort....

Thanks for looking!!


Looks great! Not sure if that's enough time to get through Sci Fi though.


Solid. Oaken was shorter closer to closing time when we were there a few weeks ago. Something to consider as a Plan B if the line is too long when you leave Toy Story.


Great thatnks @pod4christ and @Sam2071 !!

What time does Oaken's Trading Post close?