How does this look for Epcot?

Considering doing on full day at Epcot. Traveling last week of June, with two kids (8, 5).

RD Epcot:

-Spaceship Earth w/ Project Tomorrow
-The Seats, Aquarium, Turtle Talk (FP+ TT)
-Living with the Land
-Journey Into Imagination with ImageWorks (FP+ Journey)
-Head into World Showcase around noon to view all countries but Canada, US. Not big on shopping, we mostly just want to wander, look around. We do want to catch Matsuriza in Japan as well as do Pick a Pearl. And we want to see the Chinese Acrobats, plus the ride in Mexico. No real meal breaks, though I’m sure we’ll be stopping to pick up snacks here and there.

  • Test Track 4:00 (FP+)
  • Mission Space: Advanced Training Lab (neither of my kids will do the ride, but I think they’d enjoy the ATL)

Touring Plans shows all this being done by 5:00. What do you think? Doable? What are the problems you forsee?

No Soarin’?

If the Optimizer says it is doable by 5:00, then it probably is. If you “publish” the plan (in the Edit Basic Info area) and share the link it gives you we can give you a better idea of what we think.