How does this look for Animal Kingdom

am I missing anything? We have 2 teenage boys with us.

what do u suggest I get fast passes for? Thanks

I would move your Kali River Rapids to the afternoon- after lunch. Are you going to Yak and Yeti table service? You do not want to go to an air conditioned restaurant soaking wet. I would use a FP for it (I hate, hate, hate that stand by line). I may also plan another EE FP for the afternoon ( I cannot get enough!).

Yes, table service

Then take Tevas (or some other waterproof sandal)- and a garbage bag or poncho for everyone. Put your shoes and socks in a backpack wrapped in a garbage bag. Will keep you mostly dry for your TS meal.

We should also have time to change quickly if we bring a change of cloths or switch it to after lunch -

For KRR, we got a free locker, tossed our socks and sneaks in there, and changed into crocs for shoes. Put on full ponchos for everyone. I barely got wet, and it was so hot and humid that I welcomed it. DS5 got absolutely drenched - I had to buy him a new t-shirt, and probably should have had him in swim trunks. It’s hard to predict how wet you’ll get.

Drenched is an understatement for KRR - my clothes were still wet enough to ring out when we left at 5pm on a day that was 95 degrees, and we rode at 11 am. But still worth it when it’s that hot out! I agree with adding another FPP for EE, you’ll definitely want to ride again!

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They do have changing rooms nearby right?

So u think I pretty much just need a FP if I add EE at the end of day? Where should I use the other 2?

There are bathrooms next to the free lockers, but I didn’t go in them so I’m not sure if there are full changing areas, or just a bathroom stall.

If you’re riding at the end of the day, yes. We rode EE 4 times in a row before 10:30, walked on every time. But after the last ride the wait jumped up to 20 minutes so we didn’t get in line again. We used a FPP at 1 pm for it and the wait was 30 minutes. If you wait until after 3:30 the wait will probably drop again, since most people are leaving the park at that time. I would get FPP for Kilimanjaro and Kali also, both can have very long lines.