How does thie itinerary look?

Okay, I think I have our final itinerary for our June trip. I used Josh’s park recommendations for each park, and then used Touring Plans numbers, and chose the day that had the lowest crowd rating.

Day 1: Non-park day (for us to rest up after our 3 day drive, and also because in-laws flight doesn’t get in until 11:00 pm the night before). 4:00 HDDR. Will likely go a bit early to Fort Wilderness and stroll through the stables, maybe do a ride of some sort (wagon, carriage etc…)

Day 2: Animal Kingdom, 9-1

Day 3: Epcot, full day (probably 9-5)

Day 4: Hollywood Studios. Going in for the morning, taking an afternoon break, then back by 5 or so, and staying for F!

Day 5: Non-park day.

Day 6: Magic Kingdom, full day, arrive at RD, stay for parade, and then see how it goes from there, if the kids can handle another hour or so we’ll stay till 5:00

Day 7: Magic Kingdom, arrive at RD, stay for the morning, take an afternoon break, then back for our 5:00 BBB. Stay for MSEP and Wishes

Day 8: Non-park day

Day 9: Animal Kingdom, 9-1ish

Day 10: Non-park day (4th of July!), Likely going into Clermont to the waterfront park to watch fireworks, play at the beach etc… This is also our last day in Florida, so will have to be packing, cleaning house etc…

I think this looks great! The only thing I would throw out there is that Animal Kingdom can be fun in the late afternoon/ evening. The animals get more active as the sun starts to go down, and for some reason my kids get a big kick out of riding rides and looking at the animals during those twilight hours (on days when they are open later, like until 7 or 8, as they were/are for Thanksgiving and in June, when we usually go). Depending on your family composition, you might like to try AK in the evening. I esp like your HS and MK plans and the built-in non-park days - everyone has more fun when you take time to rest up. Looks like you guys have a great trip planned!

What is this thing you call “non-park day”? I am totally unfamiliar with this concept… :wink:

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Agree. I do not know this term at all! :wink:

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My only concerns are the days you are not leaving in the hottest part of the day for a break and returning when it is cooler. Between 1-5 will be miserable hot, especially if you are in World Showcase at Epcot.

Oh, we know it’ll be hot. However if we want to see FoF we really don’t have any choice, lol. And the kids really want to see it. As for Epcot, we’ll just see how it goes. We plan on entering WS right at 11, plan on eating at an air conditioned restaurant for lunch, plan on doing Pick a Pearl which will be in a/c, and plan on being out by 3:30 or so and heading back to FW with the air conditioned rides. I would love to do more afternoon breaks, but both of our children have special needs and do not handle late bedtimes well at all. And since bedtime is 8:00… That’s why the only two days that we’ve planned late nights we have planned a full day off the next day.

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Gotcha. As for Epcot, good plan. Head to WS right at 11, an then head back to Future World for the air condition. FOF parade is amazing, you won’t be disappointed!

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