How does the phone queue work?

I entered the 7 digit code to speak to a specific WDW customer service rep (one I’d previously spoken with, who was very helpful and provided me with her extension), but I’ve been on hold to speak with her for almost an hour and a half! Is that normal? When you put in a code to speak with a specific cast member, I thought that meant I’d get bumped up to the front of her queue. Is that not how it works? Any insight would be much appreciated! I really want to speak to this specific rep, as she was much more helpful and knowledgeable than others I’ve spoken with.

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I wonder if she’s not working now. Who knows if the system would let you know or if it would just leave you on hold until she answered.


From experience (I managed a large Helpdesk team for many years) most companies have a system where you have to log in to your phone when you’re available, and you’re supposed to log out when you’re unavailable (in meetings etc), but perhaps the CM forgot?