How does Tables in Wonderland work with prepaid meals?

If you’ve got to pre-pay for a meal like Cinderella’s Royal Table, or Hoop-De-Doo, how does the Tables in Wonderland discount work with that?

Pre-Paid Reservations and Dinner Shows:

For any participating Walt Disney World® Resort restaurant where reservations are pre-paid, make sure to request the Tables in Wonderland discount at the time of booking for discount to be applied. A vailid Tables in Wonderland card must then be shown at time of ticket pick-up to retain the discount. A refund can also be given at ticket pick-up if the Tables in Wonderland discount was not applied at time of booking. Tables in Wonderland discounts for show times are subject to change without notice.
Also HDD is late show only and CRT is subject to seasonal blackout dates. All details are on the web site.

When I prepaid prior to having my TIW card, once at the restaurant I received a refund on my final check or 20% which I just turned around and made my tip so we came out net the same.

At Hoop-Dee-Doo, I paid full price ahead of time then stopped by the ticket window before showtime and was refunded 20% of the ticket price.

They have never granted the discount at the time of booking for me. It is always applied when I request it when they bring the check. For HDDR, I have had to go to the ticket window like @maccys_mousehouse. Be sure to check which seating’s are eligible for TIW. Not all of them are!

Is there a DVC or AP discount when buying TIW …and can you order online or in park only ?

AP discount makes your TiW card $100

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You will want to buy it at Guest Relations because it is activated immediately. Your discount is 20% including alcoholic beverages but as soon as your server enters TIW discount your bill populates an 18% gratuity which is added to your check. The server is not adding it on him or herself, it is automatic. We always left additional gratuity over and above the 18% since we normally leave more than that. You can think of the $100 cost of the TIW card as an advanced payment of many, many gratuities across the World!

Thanks Maccys …that’s how we were looking at it as we always tip 20-25 as long as server is not awful. 1st year we did dinning plan did Dlx and didn’t think about tips in budget …ouch one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made. Going TIW this year as we are now DVC and have a few trips planned