How does PhotoPass work for rides?

I have MM. How do I get the ride photos to go to my MM account? Is it based on the magic band?

Yes. They normally automatically load. For most rides you are still able to tap to get the picture at the end of the ride just to be safe but I usually end up with duplicates doing that.

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How do they know it’s you vs someone else in the car etc?

If you are in the same car, you will get a picture of the whole car. The other people will get it too.

You gotta wonder how many people in this world have pictures of my pretty face in their home due to having been on the same ride at the same time! :slight_smile:


perish the thought

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Yes, yes. I know. My dashing good looks can be intimidating. Might outshine their actual family members in the same photo. But what can a man of my caliber do? The only option would be to send me on the rides alone. :wink:

(Okay, I’m having delusions of glamour.)

Do you have to have MM to get a picture or can you buy separately?

You can buy separately. You’ll see it on your account with a watermark and in order to download it in high quality without the watermark, you’ll need to pay.


Thanks! We did MM for our big famiky trip. We loved all the pictures but I don’t see myself buying MM for future short trips. We loved some of the ride photos!

That’s where I use the various stickers and borders to edit my pictures to get rid of people that aren’t in my family.