How does paid parking work if heading right to the park? And in room coffee questions

I will be driving to HS on Thursday from home, without stopping at the motel first.

When I pull in to park, I presume I will have to pay for parking.

But then when I check into the hotel, do they start charging me for parking? Will I be charged twice for that day?

Also -

I’ve been told that the coffee makers at All Star Movies are just those flat tea-bag-poddy-looking things. How do I go about getting more if housekeeping isn’t a daily thing and the resorts are so large that I will likely never set foot in the lobby? And is that correct? I can proceed directly to my room after our HS day? My phone will open my door?

Oh - and while I’m asking, is that second table/bed easy enough to pull down on my own?

I am suddenly feeling underprepared.

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On the morning of your check in day your parking becomes active. You’ll scan your magic band at the booth and that’s that! No charge. And you don’t have to stop at hotel first.

You’ll pay to park only at the hotel and it will change you per night on your folio.

Pull down beds are very easy to operate both should have no trouble.


If your stay is linked and you do online checkin (even if you don’t ) your stay should get you free parking at the park right away. If you have a MB they will just scan it. If not, do you have MagicMobike set up?

Your parking at the resort is per night.

You can use the phone in the room to ask for more coffee or anything else you need!


But I do pay for parking at the resort, correct? I don’t think I’ve already paid for it. Will they charge my credit card?

Thank you! I am clumsy, and less mechanically inclined than I like to admit. And my daughter is clumsier than I am even. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not sure. I did online check in, is that what I need to do, or is there something else to look for on the MDE, please?

Thank you. It will be a much better trip if I have caffiene, and I couldn’t find that kind at the grocery store.

Or just pop by the front desk on your way in or out.

By the looks of the map, it seems like I will park close to the building (All Star Movies) that my room is in, and that it is a decent walk to the front desk? Am I overestimating the difference? I was thinking we’d just be going to/from room/car.

Oh, I don’t know. I don’t do cars, so I have to walk by for busses.

I’ve never had luck calling “housekeeping” before - the message never seems to get from the off-site call center to the resort.

Worst case, if you do have to pay to park at DHS you can get it refunded at the front desk of the resort. Just keep the receipt.

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Good to know - I just hope I it doesn’t go that way - waiting in those kinds of lines aren’t as rewarding as the ones with rides at the end.

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You didn’t know that those buttons go to an off-site call center where it just lights up which resort and department? Yup.

I rarely stay in hotels, and when I do they are the single building variety which takes me past the desk on every exit/entry.

Gotcha. If you are taking the bus then you’d go through the lobby to get there at the All Stars. I’ve personally never found them huge - but then again, I walk to work and to my gym and back - or I take a bus. So neither walking nor busses bother me.

And I think most hotels the buttons do go to the hotel directly. But at Disney they go to an off-site call center. I thought that was fairly well-known about WDW resorts. But maybe not.

No it just shows up as a daily charge on your room folio


Often, when you arrive, that Murphy bed will already be in the down position. The table on the underside is your only table in the room, there is no freestanding table anymore.


We usually just found a housekeeper (their carts usually stay outside the room) during the day and asked for more. I think we found them during our normal comings and goings - in the morning before going to a park, in the afternoon when we came back for a break, etc.


ASMo is a small resort. Walking to the lobby will not be a long walk. The table bed will be in the table position when you get there. It’s super easy to pull it down. When DS was 8, he easily pulled it down on his own. If you see housekeeping outside your room, just ask for more coffee from them. There’s usually several days worth of coffee in each room I’ve had at pop, ASMo, and GDT.


Thank you!!!

Do you know if there are towels at the pool or if I should bring my own? I don’t plan to swim…. But stranger things have happened.

I found this for you. I was looking for photos of the towel racks

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Thank you so much!
That helps.
And also makes me
Want to cruise. (Towel animals.)

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