How does FPP factor in to the "wait time" listed?

If I plug my FPP times in to my TP for a given day, and then hit “optimize,” I see a wait time of only 3 minutes next to one of my FPP selections. Is that only 3 minutes BECAUSE I have a FastPass, or is it saying there will likely only be a 3 minute wait regardless? If it’s the latter, I want to change my FPP selection. TIA!

That wait time is because you’re utilizing your FPP. The system will let you know if it doesn’t utilize any of your FPP selections for any reason

Thanks! Follow up question - I optimized and now it is suggesting I DON’T use one of my originally scheduled FPP selections, and it is suggesting I try for a different selection at a different time, instead.

How does one decide how often to keep trying to switch FPP selections? I am going to be there on April 15th - I feel like I could keep doing this over and over (and over, and over)…

You honestly could… I usually get the FPP selections I know I want and choose the “evaluate” function if it continues to spit out my selections. The system is going to change things around on you any time you hit “optimize.”

Is this your first trip or have you been before?

First trip! (I mean - I went 30 years ago when I was 7 but barely remember it).