How does Fairytale Hall work?

I'm staying offsite (gasp) & going to have to attempt a rope drop for a morning at MK & head straight for Anna & Elsa, but does the same line go on to see Cinderella and Rapunzel? Can I do them both at the same time? How does this work?

Following for info.

Thank you SO much! Much of the stuff I've read has been confusing about the way the fairy tale hall is set up! I'll just leave them as is in my touring plan & hope for the best!

Its not really a standby FP as much as it is they are cutting the line off for A&E at a certain point and giving your return time to come back and get in line for standby again.

Even with RD the wait for A&E can be long. RD really just isn't enough you need to be front of the pack RD all the way to the que. So plan on showing up about an hour pre RD to get in line to get in line to get to the line for A&E.

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I got in my email & read it. Sounds like this is a trial thing, so we shall see. We will be there the 3rd week of Sept! I'm at 55 & counting!!! Joy.

Is there a short cut to A&E similar to the 7DMT route? Or do I follow the crowd through the castle? Could only get one FP for myself and my two DD's.

R&C is a different attraction from A&E. They have different lines. You can get FPPs for each of them.