How does EMM in Fantasyland effect us regular guests?

I am trying to schedule the best time to visit MK and there is something going on there every day that we will be in FL. (Late Jan - early Feb) Between EMM, EMH, Villains After Hours and the terrible CL on Saturdays, I am having trouble picking the days to visit. Thank you for your help.

We were there last year and had 8am BOG reservations on a day with EMM and didn’t find it really affected anything - it’s a negligible amount of people. That being said, we rope dropped Winnie the Pooh, so we weren’t really focused on how it affected the big name rides.


We had BOG as well. It really doesn’t affect it much since it’s so few people. I actually liked going on an EMM day since that guarantees they won’t change the opening time to earlier.


I’ll third what @Flutegarden and @erinkippen said. This is a picture of us on 7D at like 8:58 on our EMM day (there was one solo rider on the train besides us). As you can see, by the end of EMM all of the ticketed guests either head to RD another attraction or go grab breakfast.


That is so cute! Thanks for the feedback.

good point

Just curious…what was the CL on that day (if you remember)?

I went back and checked. TP predicted a CL 5 in MK that day. Actual was a CL 8.

Cool, our CL is predicted for a 5. I hope it doesn’t move to an 8. LOL