How does EMM affect RD?

If I am not paying to attend Early Morning Magic, how does it affect Rope Drop? Is it still worthwhile to Rope Drop at a park that has Early Morning Magic that morning?

Numbers at EMM are very small, it shouldn’t make any real difference.

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Wondering if the team has done any statistics on it.

I assume it’s taken into account in a touring plan but I don’t know for sure.

Following up on this topic. Planning on doing HS on July 8 (hoping for some of the long weekend people from the 4th to leave by them). Did not want to shell out for EMM, but it’s scheduled for our day. My hope is that this is true - EMM is a small enough number of people that it doesn’t drastically affect, but just curious if there is any more to say or think about.

By the end of EMM, most people who were there will be finished at TSL and heading elsewhere, either for breakfast or ToT / RnR or Star Tours mainly.

If your plan is to head straight to TSL at rope drop, be there early and you should be fine. If you’re heading elsewhere, by using a TP you’ll still be fine.

If you want to sign up for Jedi Training, then head there first thing.

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