How does EEH work?

We should be able to use EEH during our trip in August. We are staying at FW in a regular cabin.
It seems that the resort is now being included as a Deluxe for EEH due to its newly added DVC cabins. How does this work when you’re in the park? Do you have to check in somewhere?

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Those who are in the park after the park closes to guests not eligible for EEH, your magic band or other ticket media will be scanned prior to entering the queue for rides and may be scanned as you’re moving about the park or entering shops.


Are the ride waits much shorter for things like SDMT and Remy during EEH?

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I don’t know about those rides, specifically, but generally EEH are really great and low crowds.


The Extended Evening Theme Park Hours are only for the DVC side of the new “Cabins at Disney’s Ft. Wildnerness Resort - A Disney Vacation Club Resort”, and those are not available for stays until Sept 27.

I think you’re too soon, for one thing. I don’t know how the DVC side vs hotel side of the cabins will work.

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Well… that’s possible but that’s not been confirmed.

I wasn’t going to get into that part of the post - but for OP it does remain unclear whether or how they will determine if everyone at FW Cabins or only some people at FW Cabins are eligible. So I might not make plans too dependent on the idea that you will be admitted.

I for one think you will be, but :woman_shrugging:t3: We just don’t know yet.


Also the DVC cabins open 7/1


But the WDW site says “Available for Stays Beginning September 27.”

Is the July 1 when a person can start booking that category? Or can you book them now?

I can’t help but hope, but, I am certainly not assuming its really happening. It would be nice though! :grinning: We never stay deluxe.

Ah, good call-out

DVC members who have purchased points at FW Cabins were able to book for stays starting 7/1

Cash stays can be booked beginning 9/27

All that said, it is unclear whether or how they will differentiate between old cabins and new cabins.

In the end, I believe all stays at FW Cabins will be eligible. But the truth is we just don’t know.


I did EEH at HS last October from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm. By 9:30 pm (after the last minute lines before regular closing cleared out), lines for TSM, MMRR, MFSR, A2S were 5-15 mins and SDD was 30-40 mins.

I remember I looked into the lines for TT, FEA and Remy for EP EEH as my trip approached and I decided those lines were too long so we didn’t go to EP EEH. As I recall, the lines for each of those were in the 30-60 minutes range.

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The Disney site now lists cabins at Fort Wilderness under deluxe tesorts and under DVC resorts.

I think its fair to say you are good to go.

I found EEH to be great at MK. I jumped in line forn7DMT 5 minutes after park closing and the wait was 20-25 mins. Everything else is shorter

EPCOT lines however do not get as short as other parks because there are so few rides. And the rides are so far apart. I would plan on doing Remy OR FEA but not both, because doing both means a lot of walking time.


The one time I have done EEH at MK, I spent half the time in line for Tron. I would not recommend doing Tron during EEH unless you hop in line very last thing and have a morning to sleep in the next day. Better to use the time racking up other mid to upper tier rides. Caveat that this was almost a year ago, so maybe the 6pm VQ has gotten less crowded?

EP was tough as @heathernoel said. Everything is so far apart. That’s a problem with EP in general though.

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Thanks all!

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We were staying in Boardwalk, but we did Test Track, Frozen, and Remy (in that order) during EEH on January 1.

We also did MK EEH but I can’t remember what we did. We did not make it to the end though - it ended at 1 am


I did Epcot EEH between Christmas and New Year (this was 2022).

We had been watching Harmonius near to Frozen, so did that, 3 Caballeros, TT, , Soarin and Remy. Youngest decided to skip on Remy and went back to TT and rode twice as single rider.

At MK we did Buzz, Pooh, the Carousel, Under the Sea, Peter Pan, HM, Big Thunder and Pirates.


Most people seem to post positive reports from these sessions. Our last August was quite the opposite. And it was LATE. 11-1. Both MK and EPCOT were totally packed. Even the kids attractions were queueing well outside their entrances. I think we were just unlucky with daytime downtime and crowds during the day. At normal close the queues seem to balloon terribly so they took ages to clear. And tons of people were still using Lightening Lane entrances right up to 1am. These are normally closed for EE but SDMT, SM and BTMRR were all using them. Tron was down 1 night and JC isn’t open that late it closes with the park - or it did our 2 weeks. Remi’s queue was so long they closed the queue a few minutes early! It was estimated 2 hours wait.

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Just to clarify, these lanes are still used by people for Rider Swap, DAS, and VIP tours even though LL and ILL themselves are not used during EEH.


My TA is thinking that for this first year there will be a distinction made and that I will not qualify for EEH because my booking is for “The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort”, which is a Moderate Resort, as opposed to “The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort - a Disney Vacation Club Resort”, which are considered Deluxe accomodations.

She thinks that next year all of the cabins will have been converted to DVC cabins so it will be a Deluxe Resort across the board.

Wishful thinking on my part. Oh well :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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I think that distinction is only there to make clear to a person what they are booking - so that they do not book an old cabin expecting a new one. I think after all the loops are done that distinction will go away.

As @heathernoel pointed out, the property is listed in the group of resorts that receives this perk.

I’ll look forward to hearing your experience