How does Early Morning Magic affect crowds?

How does Early Morning Magic affect crowd levels? Does it affect plans to rope drop at all? Our MK day is on a Sunday and they’ve added Early Morning Magic that day. Should I alter my plans in any way?

I have not been so perhaps someone more expert can speak to this. But I don’t think it would affect much at all, except perhaps Fantasyland. It’s a very small number of people, but they will all be in Fantasyland. I would assume if you head to the other areas at rope drop you would see zero effect

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It shouldn’t affect crowd levels based on the number of people. A CM told me 200 people are allowed in at EMM, so that shouldn’t make a dent in crowd levels. It will mean that there definitely won’t be Early Magic Hours, so that is a plus according to some people. (I have never been, but I just booked EMM for my trip in June, so I am commenting from a place of “knowledge I have learned,” not experience :slight_smile: )


I wouldn’t change plans. The number of tickets for EMM is limited (as @Laura_hastings mentioned). So I don’t think there is really an impact on crowds.

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EMM makes pre-RD breakfast less effective.

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