How does DVC release villas to public?

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We are a family of 6 so we have used DVC villas the last couple of trips. We really enjoyed Boardwalk Villas last trip. Our next planned trip was going to be Oct 2020 but we decided because of schedules to switch to May 2020. I literally checked Boardwalk villas the day we discussed changing plans and saw a 2 bedroom villa available! We waited to see if flights could work and the next day I went to book and it was no longer available. We booked a deluxe club level standard room (so 2 queen beds and 1 sleeper sofa). It will work, we save a little money, and we are in the area we like (ability to walk to HS and Epcot) but I am worried we’ll be a little cramped. I keep checking and no availability. I know it’s past 11 months out but geez! Is there any hope more rooms will be released or should I just accept we’re not getting a 2 bedroom at Boardwalk? Another option is 2 rooms at Dolphin because they guarantee connecting but man I like the Disney bubble/all inclusive feeling. Ahhh, first world problems. :slight_smile:

Someone might confirm, but I believe a certain number of rooms are allocated for non DVC use. So they don’t release the rooms to public…there are a set number of rooms already available to the public. The rest are for DVC guests.

So if there are no more available, that means the ones available to public are reserved. Keep checking, though, in case someone cancels their reservation…or look into DVC point rental in case they aren’t filled up on the DVC end of things.

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I see availability for the whole month of May 2020 except for the 30th & 31st for a 2 bedroom villa at the Boardwalk.

That’s on the DVC site availability calendar. So, perhaps that public allotment has been exhausted.

As @ryan1 suggests, you could try using a rental site such as and see if they have points available to sell to you.

What specific dates are you wanting?

Side note: Gotta say, club level at the BW will be awesome. Don’t feel like you’re settling!


There are two pools of rooms at each DVC resort - those that are “owned” by Disney and are only available through WDW Reservations like any other resort room, and those that are “owned” by DVC members and are only available to them. As @disney1974 points out, there are 2BR villas available to DVC members, so perhaps you can get what you want through a DVC rental site. As a bonus, this should cost less than booking the same class of room from WDW Reservations.

If you are unfamiliar with renting DVC points, check out this TP Blog post:

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Thanks for the replies. Renting DVC points makes me nervous. So does buying tickets from outside sources. Here’s why. We had a trip where we all got a stomach bug on day 1 (that was 5 of us plus a 1 year old in pack n play were in a studio room so waiting it out would’ve been a nightmare) We had to leave and drive home. I wrote a letter to Disney customer service and everything was refunded for us. I feel like it’s because we had everything booked through Disney. I should say they didn’t refund our park tickets but made them available to use on a later trip.

Club level is intriguing because some snacks and breakfast would be covered by the lounge. We wouldn’t pay for the extra fast passes though. I’ve always wanted to try Beach Club too!

Most of the reputable DVC rental agencies offer trip insurance. I’ve used Dave’s Vacation Rentals and DVC Rental Store and had zero issues with them. Most of the rooms available are going to be owned by DVC Owners and they cannot reserve rooms until within 11 months of check in. So, I’d check with one of the above agencies to see if they can hook you up. DVC Rental Store does not make you pay for the room up front and you can make payments up to 45 days out. You can buy everything else through Disney and you would be able to add the reservation to your MDE account.

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Thank you. I went ahead and submitted a request to DVC rental.
If it doesn’t work out, I know deluxe at Beach Club will be pretty cool!
Oh can you use magical express with DVC rental?

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Yes, you have all the on-site privileges.

One other thing is that if you have a room request or want to add Dining Plan to your reservation, you have to get the member that you are renting points from to do those things. They have to be done through DVC Member Services and only DVC members can do it there. You can purchase park tickets, memory maker etc., through Disney.

Good luck!!

A room request can be made through the Touring Plans request tool. As an owner Ibfind it is much more reliable for me.