How does DME know where to deliver bags?

We got our magic bands recently and there are 4 hard-plastic luggage tags included.

The tags have a place for us to write our name and address, but no place for a reservation number or resort name.

Each tag has a QR code, but if I scan it all I get is a 6-digit number that doesn’t match any of the reservation or confirmation numbers that I already have. The code is the same for all 4 tags.

Is that QR code sufficient to get the bags to our room, or is there some other tag that I’m missing?

There will be another tag, along with your DME confirmation, sent in an envelope from DME. These tags will be the sticky-sort that an airline normally places around your checked baggage, except that they are bright yellow. On this tag will be your resort name and a barcode. This allows them to quickly sort luggage by resort and, once reaching your resort, scan the barcode to discover which room you’ve been assigned.

Should these tags not arrive, not be sufficient for the number of suitcases you’re checking, or be forgotten enroute to the airport (it happens!)you will need to pass your luggage info to the DME Cast Member when you arrive in the DME loading area at MCO to check in.

All this is contingent on the idea that you have Magical Express booked and linked to your resort reservation, of course.

The hard plastic tags are Disney souvenirs, not related to DME.


Thanks for the clarification. It looks like I’m missing those yellow tags, so I’ll set about finding them. Thanks!

Ah, I see how that they are labelled “Disney Magical Extras”. Too much stuff starting with “Disney Magical”!

They should be in the same envelope with your Confirmation tickets for Disney’s Magical Express.

I did wonder that.

After all, any international guests won’t have any identifying tags with a escort on them. We just hand over our luggage receipts and they find the bags and still deliver them to the right room.

So clearly they link the code on the tags or luggage receipts to MDE accounts, either in advance if you receive the Disney luggage tags, or at the airport when you hand them over. And when your room number is input to MDE then they can match luggage and owner.

Someone somewhere has to have a list of luggage tags and names / rooms. That’ll be why it takes a few hours for luggage to arrive. That plus the transport from MCO to WDW.

Do you actually do this? I know you’ve mentioned it before, but I don’t know any UK liners who do on chat or in the FB page - everyone collects their luggage. This would have been fab last trip when we had DH in a wheelchair but I’d never heard of doing it.

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When we’ve flown into a Hub airport, like Newark then yes. We clear immigration and customs at Newark, and when we drop our bags back we keep those receipts.

Then at MCO we simply hand those over to the desk at DME.

You can do this arriving direct at MCO. But last time we flew direct and, with the redo of the immigration hall at MCO, we missed where to drop our bags again. TBH by then you mights as well just keep them with you.

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Ok, thanks.

Thanks for posting. This is information I hadn’t thought of yet and our trip is a mere two weeks away. Yay! Off to go find my DME paperwork and luggage tags…


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