How do YOU tour Magic Kingdom across multiple days?

We finally got our Dance the World schedule, so I can start weeding out my plans (all 30 of them :rofl:) and put in the breaks and meals we need. I am so excited!

Because of the schedule, we cannot do all of MK in one day. We need to break it up into 2 partial days- our first day which is also a parade day (DD11 will dance 1 mile in dress shoes and have a 2 hour rehearsal this day) and our departure day which includes EMM (we’re going to Universal after we leave, so no real time constraints).

Suggestions on how to tackle MK…Adventureland/Frontierland/Liberty Square on the first day and Fantasyland/Tomorrowland on the second day? Or go around all of MK both days, but do different things each day?

Just curious what everyone does. We’ve never been to WDW, so any insight from more experienced liners would be great :slight_smile:

Do you have mornings, afternoons or evenings?

I have both. Rehearsal is 8-10am on Day 1; Parade is 2:30 on Day 1. We have all day on our last day.

So, assume your touring doesn’t start until after the parade? I would get FPs for whatever “must dos” are on my list and fit whatever you can in between. Use the custom TP, but set your start for after your daughter is available and select your top wish list. It’ll tell you what’s possible.

For me, I would do Space, Buzz Lightyear and BTMMT, if possible, SDMT, as well. My second choices after that are Pirate, Under the Sea, Small World, Haunted Mansion, Splash and Laugh Floor. I have boys and use my FPs on the coasters, so I usually can’t get PP in, but if there were time, I’d do that.

Realistically, unless it’s a late closing you would only get half (if that in), but the TP software is really great at setting expectations.




We had one morning until noon and another until after the parade, and then one evening with the possibility of getting in some afternoon time. So what we did for our two morning trips was to treat with the possibility that they may be our only guaranteed MK trips, so we had all our “must do’s” on our schedule. We were traveling with a 5 year old and a 2 year old, which also factored into our planning.

On our first day we ended up paying extra for EMM. In my mind, a lot of the “iconic” MK things, especially for little ones, are in Fantasyland (tea cups, Dumbo, lots of princess action, etc) so to us it was worth the extra cost to get some guaranteed rides in that area. We were able to knock out 7DMT, which our 5 year old got to ride twice and loved, tea cups, Dumbo, the carousel, Snow White, and then hit up the included breakfast a few minutes before rope drop. For the rest of the morning we then just focused on the “right side” of MK with Fantasyland and Tomorrowland and a little Main Street. We then had FPs booked for a few of our other “must do” attractions (really loved Bell, our 5 year old had a blast) and then left about noon for Chef Mickey and then Epcot.

For our second day we focused on the left day of MK, and scheduled FPs for Adventureland and Frontierland. We did manage to snag a breakfast at BOG a couple weeks before our trip, so we were able to hit up Rapunzel (which we missed the other day) at rope drop and also Merida with only a 5 minute wait on the way over to Adventureland. We ended up doing our FP and snatched up another one and then settled in for the 3pm parade before heading back to the hotel.

We did manage one more evening trip, and pretty much treated it as our “browse and chill” visit and didn’t have a plan or schedule to go along with it. We also didn’t plan out every minute of the other days either though. We made sure our TP had us hitting our FP times and our “must do” items, and then just browsed for the rest of our time. We enjoyed running into the random performances and CM doing interesting stuff while just strolling around. I know it’s an expensive trip and we want to get our money worth out of every minute, but browsing was one of my favorite times there.


We divided our two days into right/left days, Fantasy/Tomorrow and Adventure/Frontier with the center included a bit in both days.

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Our plan for our November trip is similar. We’re planning to do EMM (if offered) our first day at MK and then hit Tomorrowland + most of Fantasyland. Day 2 will be Adventureland/Frontierland FPPs and re-riding any favorites from Day 1.

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We divvy it up by lands.

The division probably depends on how many rides in each land you like to. We did Adventureland/Frontierland/Liberty Square and then Tomorrowland/Fantasyland.

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This is my current plans
Day 1

Day 2

I have a day 3 too

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Generally, I hit the things we love most(Mine Train, BMTRR) each day and then split up the other events between the days.


Thank you! I’ve got a couple sets of plans, but I think dividing up by lands will be easiest. It seems there’s less to do in Adventureland/Frontierland/Liberty Square, so we’ll do that on the first day. If we can fit in stuff between the rehearsal and the parade we can, but I doubt that will be feasible. And maybe we can just wander Main Street. She will like that, too. DH and DD15 will be at HS that morning doing Star Wars stuff on their own. We can knock out a lot of Fantasyland during EMM on our last day, so we should have time to do what we didn’t get to on the first day.

Here are the two plans I’m leaning towards. Thoughts?

Now, to tackle Epcot :thinking:

Will your DD 11 really be interested in Dumbo, the carousel and Barnstormer? Or Astro Orbiter, for that matter?

You’re doing the Tiki Room multiple times?

I like that you built in some ‘sitting down’ stuff in between her practicing and the parade. Do you have your spot planned out?

Not the tiki room multiple times… thanks for catching that! Since we’ve never been, I don’t know what she’ll be interested in or not, but she’s mentioned the “classic rides” like Dumbo and the carousel. I figure if she passes on them, then we can just mark them as done and keep moving. Or slow down and just stroll along. It’s helpful to know that she might not be interested in those though, so thank you!

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