How do you stop and smell the roses?

I purposefully built time into my plans where I actually labeled it “sit down and people watch - Love, Creepy McCreeperton.”

I had to definitely force myself to slow down and/or stop though. Building breaks into your schedule can help, running around like crazy until you are exhausted does too(though I think i was only able to do that once or twice). For the most part, I ended up just revisiting things over and over again.

Not much “stopping” but a lot of “smelling roses” through repetition.


I’m more in the ‘I don’t’ camp. But although we do touring plans, which are pretty full, we don’t always stick to them. There was one day at MK last time when DS just suddenly threw up in a bin due to the heat. We sat on the steps at the Diamond Horseshoe for 30-40 minutes doing nothing basically while we tried to cool him down, and that was nice just people watching. We’ll take a break for a snack or drink and just hang out for a few minutes taking everything in.

So I have to know- what happened? Did you make Jungle Safari? Did you have to wait in longer lines all day?

yes, we made Jungle Safari. At the time of year we went though, we could have probably done an extra 2 or 3 rides other them eating ice cream. During that time in the morning, there were several attractions that were walk on rides. Since we didn’t make efficient use of our time, we only fit in 3 rides with just a few minutes of wait time. On the 4th, we had to start waiting a pretty decent amount of time. Like I said though, when it comes to Disney, I am all about getting as much as I can in. I think if I was able to go more often I wouldn’t be this way, but I had not been in 11 years and will not be going every year or 2. I do plan on going again in a few years, but we will have to see. I also am going to extend my trip length to 10 days as well.

I’m a local passholder and have been going regularly for the last two years and it’s only been recently that I have been able to go at smell the roses pace.

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