How do you get your lightsaber home?

I hear about people shipping it home, or I’ve heard it counts as a carryon (by itself) but can’t I just pack it in bubble wrap and put it in my checked bag? And why does it count as a carry on on its own? Is it so big that it can’t fit in a book bag?

They’re big. Are you making a Savis one? If so, they come with a carry case - we saw a lot of people at the airport this weekend carrying them. My boys got the pre-made ones they sell and even those were too long to fit in a suitcase.

I believe the airlines consider the Savi’s case a “personal item”. I just measured and the loaded case (hilt and 31” Savi’s blade) is 44 inches long. I brought one back in January and had no problems, as I only had one carry-on bag.

In February I bought one of the Legacy sabers from Dock Ondar’s. That presented a different problem because I had a backpack and a carry-on bag, but nothing the lightsaber blade would fit in. I ended up keeping the blade in its box, and had that sticking out the top of my backpack. Didn’t advertise it though… carried it onto the plane beside me so it wasn’t obvious. Then creatively fit it under the seat where the blade protruded out between my feet. I don’t think any of the flight attendants even saw it. Full disclosure it was the shorter 26” blade. I don’t see how people manage the 36” blade!

I would personally not pack it in checked luggage, even wrapped in bubble wrap, because checked luggage is tossed, dropped, stepped on, and has heavy things dropped on top of it. Plus the added risk of theft. My sons shipped theirs home from the Boardwalk general store (pretty sure? we were staying at the Boardwalk) and it cost them around $20 each.

We bought a very big suitcase, and a piece of solid drain pipe cut to length, plus bubble wrap to fit round the blade and it went in the hold.

Lol. Don’t mind me acting like they’re REAL lightsabers and all you have to worry about it the hilt :joy: right. I understand now why it won’t fit in a book bag. And yes indeed, I’m talking about the Savi’s lightsabers. Anyway, thanks for the transportation idea.


We had the largest suitcase we own (28 inch one) and we couldn’t make it fit. Even with the hilt off, so I’m totally impressed with those who can make it fit! We had ours as carryon.

DH and DS both took theirs as their carry on items, with a backpack as their personal item. The lightsabers would not have fit in the suitcases, nor would they have taken the risk.

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I am very impressed with your foresight!

I’m hoping Dh and the boys all opt for the droid. I’m even thinking I might build an R2D2 droid myself. :grin: They’re cheaper and easier to bring back.

We have enough of the light sabres that you build at the end of Star Tours lying around the house; actually it would be more accurate to say we have the bits of them lying around. Really hoping DH doesn’t decide he needs this one.