How do you download all your photos from Photopass now? Website has changed? Old ways don't seem to work?

Can’t seem to find a way to download all our photos at once. Been looking at old questions/answers and youtube videos and they all seem outdated or maybe I’m missing something. I only see having to buy an archive disc? Is that right?

It’s a horrible new setup. Let me go take a look and see if I can get some screengrabs to share.

OK so sign into your disney account, and in MDE go to “My Photos”

All of your photos should appear on the page. Hover over one. A little checkmark will appear in the top right of the photo.

Click the checkmark and then a dropdown will appear in the top banner

You also now have a little box that says “Select all visible media”. Click that to download all.

Once you’ve selected the photos you want, click Download.


Seemingly important: you need to disable your popup blocker for the download to work

Thank you so much!

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Took me forever to find this the other day. Also not a fan of the file labeling - just a random collection of letters and numbers. No longer labeled neatly with the park and location.

I had to talk with a CM last week to learn all this – you figured it out on your own?!

Yes, but I am pretty experienced with the ways of Disney and Disney IT stuff, and I’m not afraid to hunt and peck if I need to :wink:

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I’m not a fan of the random file naming. No more sort by chronological order either. Probably their way of making you buy the archive DVD still. :frowning: