How do you add EMH to a plan?

MK has early EMH 8-9 but when I’m doing my plan it automatically changes start time to 9am. I’m sure this has been asked a lot so please accept my apologies - I couldn’t find the answer :blush:

If the software recognizes that the day is an emh day, then it will prompt you to select the option of using emh. You should see this in the section for the “Basic Plan Information:”

“Magic Kingdom has Extra Magic Hours on the morning of <onth, Date, Year. The additional hours are from 8am-9am. Will you utilize any of this additional time?” along with a Yes / No option.

Also, if you have not chosen attractions open during emh, then it cannot start your first attraction until park opening. What date are you looking at?

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Thank for your reply ! I’ll maybe try a new plan to see if I can get the EMH option rather than trying to edit the one I have. My date has just updated on here so it could be that’s its too ‘new’ still. 7th April 2019 is the date I’m trying. We are there 6/4 - 16/4 so can visit each park at least twice. ADR opening in just over 1 week so trying to plan as best I can :smile:

I just tested, and the software does recognize 7 apr 2019 as an mk emh day. Perhaps it doesn’t take it in after a plan is created. You can click on Edit at the top of your plan to check, I guess. That Edit option will allow you to change the basic info, including the times, and should allow you to check off the option for using emh.

Thank you ! Really appreciate your responses :+1:t2:

I’ve managed to get it ! I have to admit I had put the date to optimise as a couple of days before, thinking that meant the day I wanted it finalised. Only because when I clicked on ‘add plan’ I clicked on the day of the 7th so thought the optimise date would be different :flushed: What a doughball !!! Thanks again for your help :wave:t2: