How Do We Walk to Disneyland?

Hi - We (3 adults) are going to DL and CA at the end of April and staying at the Element Anaheim resort at 1600 S Clemente St. I’ve tried MapQuest from the hotel to the main entrance on Harbor but there doesn’t seem to be an easy walking route. Can someone tell me if there is a good walking route, or one to the Toy Story Parking lot with trams, or should we just take an Uber? Thanks for any advice you can offer!


It’s a pretty easy walk - there are sidewalks the whole way. Cross Harbor on the north side of Disney Way as marked with the double hash in the image below:

I would not bother with the Toy Story Lot - walking there takes you further away from Disneyland, not closer (it’s at the extreme bottom right of this image).


And if you are tired ar the end of the day it looks like there are two ART bus routes that pick up and drop off at your hotel.


That won’t be a bad walk at all in the mornings with fresh legs. And if in doubt, follow the groups of people especially the ones pushing strollers. Disneyland really is where 90-95% of the foot traffic in the area is going and that traffic starts up as early as 6:45am-7am.

And if you’re tired then the end of the day the ART busses back is a great idea. Coming from Disneyland, the ART busses pick up just outside the security tents on the pedestrian entrance from Harbor. I definitely second not bothering with the Toy Story lot/shuttle. It’s just as near as long a walk and in the wrong direction!