How do we think Genie+ availability will shift on MNSSHP days?

Aaaand should people even bother trying to stack on those days?

I’ll be at MK on 9/11, which is a predicted CL3. I’m wondering if we can expect a mad rush for all LLs on those days.

Well, I’ll be there on the 12th and plan on stacking since I’m not arriving at the park until 1ish effectively, so I’ll be able to tell you next week. :slight_smile:

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FP+ was always heavily booked in the later hours on party days, since people could come in starting at 4pm and the system let them make FP+ as soon as they linked the ticket, without regard for the time. If you played it right you could get one for like 3:30-4:30 and another for 4:30-5:30, but now that you have to pay for it I don’t know how many will pay for just 2 LLs.

It will be interesting to see, for sure.

I’m hoping to earn and burn quickly all morning!

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this is the approcah im taking to, EE over to 7 dwarves and hopefully on exit have a G+ top ride to walk onto and then roll from there.

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