How do they check ages for Jedi Training?

I think my boys would really love Jedi Training, but the littler one will be two weeks shy of four. Do they just ask ages? Do they check it on the magic band?

Anytime a CM on either coast has needed to know for show participation, they ask my child directly, not me.

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Last year the CM at the sign up area just asked our girls how old they were. They turned 4 a week prior. When asked how old they all said “3” :woman_facepalming: I had to explain that they just turned 4 last week so they weren’t use to the new number yet, but I also said their full birthdate too. They ask the child a few questions to see if they can follow directions which is really what I think they are after.


Great first-hand experience for what happens when the kids say 3!

Both times my kids have done it as new 4 yr olds I have reminded them before we approach the line that they’ll be asked all the questions directly by the CM and in order to participate they need to answer so they can do the show. And I’ve even been known to role play with them with me as the CM, mostly for asking them how old they are too so they get comfortable/more confident in that, especially when they just are just newly 4.

This is also how I’ve prepared them when they are newly 7 to be able to ride on a separate row or ride vehicle or even every now & then in the official single rider line if I’m sure they’ll be able to manage any seatbelts/restraints independently.


Jedi Mind Tricks, of course.


They ask the kids their ages. I would be careful though about putting a child up that is too young. My youngest did it at 4 1/2. He was in preschool at the time and was good at following directions. During the training, he would get a bit confused and I don’t really think he followed along as well as I thought he would have. They give directions in a large group to show the moves and I think it was a bit overwhelming. He didn’t get scared of Darth Vader like some kids did though. Honestly I think 4 is even a little young. He did it again at age 6 and did a much better job with it.

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