How do the Droid Depot droids interact?

We (2 adults and a 4 yo) have reservations for Droid Depot on Christmas. I booked them a long time ago, before I understood that builders could have a guest. We certainly don’t need 3 droids in our house. I’m trying to decide if we want 1 or 2 so I know how to modify our reservation.

Can anyone weigh in on how much the droids interact with each other? Will having more than one allow us to do more with them?

Tangentially, if I keep 2 reservation spots, can the 3 of us kind of do both together? Or if I only keep one reservation, are they really going to not let both parents be around?

I haven’t built one myself. (not a huge Star Wars fan) However, from what I do know, they have Bluetooth connectivity to interact with elements while inside SWGE. I don’t know if owning multiples causes them to interact with each other or if they interact with each other once outside of SWGE.

Sadly, they really won’t let an extra child or parent enter. I’m a family of 3 so I totally get it. As busy as it’s going to be at Christmas in DHS this year I can see them strictly holding to this rule.

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We bought only one droid. When we were in SWGE, it would light up and beep and do motions when we were in certain areas, nothing mind-blowing, but pretty cool for a droid. Unfortunately, I don’t know how it interacts with other droids outside of SWGE, if at all.

However, because the interactivity in general is limited, I would only get more than one if you actually want more than one for its own merits (which you might - if you are a big fan you might like both an R2 unit and a BB unit). With only one kid though, most people would be happy with just one.


We bought a Droid – DD21’s. It not only interacted with Droids that are part of the land, but also other built Droids. They kind of said Droid “Hi” to each other.

We did buy a personality chip, so I don’t know if that matters.

On reservation slots, you get one observer per builder. When we were there it wasn’t that crowded so the shop was not monitoring numbers, I think we could have had 2 observers. But when it is crowded they might limit access.

And as observer, I was able to fully engage with and discuss with my DD21 on the choices and process. However, as any Mom of a DD12+ years knows, telling her what to do or offering advice is done at your own peril :slight_smile:


Reddit tells me that two built droids interact outside of SWGE - as @DumboRunner said, the droids will chirp at each other every 4-5 minutes which prevents either from going to sleep. If you turn off one of them, the other will go to sleep within 5 minutes (which is what happens if you only have one droid).

Personality chips are reportedly not required for this function.


Not sure how the droids interact with each other outside of GE, but I did just go and build one with my wife the week before Thanksgiving. It was fairly crowded at the time, and I did not have a reservation. There is not a lot of room in the actual Depot and by the build areas for a 3rd person, so if the area is crowded, they will probably enforce the 1 builder, 1 observer rule.

The process is pretty fun, and the droid is high quality. We built one to bring back to our kids. They have had fun playing with it.

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We have experience with building/owning 2 droids from Disneyland’s GE during the reservation only period the first few weeks the land debuted in Anaheim, so for the logistics of needing 1 or 2 reservations, I can’t speak to how they would address that, BUT, we did end up with 2 droids even though our intention was only come home with 1. The change of heart was due to the fact that we were having a really hard time of picking between BB series or R series and the color scheme we wanted (Red & white) looked so amazing and was different enough on both that we couldn’t leave it at one.

As for how they interact with each other, that was my favorite part about getting 2. They totally “recognize” each other and set each other off on their beeping series that with only the one you wouldn’t get to experience. The only setback is (and it’s been mentioned above) is that they will keep going and going every few minutes so won’t just auto sleep, so you’re required to manually turn them off. But we felt the 2 were worth it and have loved having the 2, especially since there are 2 different series.


You can only have one guest inside the corral with you, but there are spots outside the area, but still in the store where your third person could view/record/provide input. The store is small enough that it isn’t that far away from the conveyor belt/building station. They couldn’t fully participate, but could still see what was happening.

I think this might depend on how crowded it is. We went last month and my DS had a reservation to build his droid and they let my DH and me in with him.

I don’t completely know all the things the droids do to interact, but I know that ours went to sleep (meaning we didn’t turn it off) and in the middle of the night it started talking/beeping. We are guessing another droid may have walked by our hotel room?

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Sorta piggy backing off this question, for those who have only one droid… do they do anything at home?

I’ve been thinking about getting one, but if it has no functionality except to be moved by remote control, I think I’d pass.

But it’d be great if I could get an R unit and have it be as functional (or close to) as my amazon echo or something.

I have this same question. It isn’t clear to me what the droid does once we leave the park. Is it just like a really cool RC car? I am not sure what I want it to do (maybe it could operate a trash compactor), but just trying to figure out what I will do with it once I get home

Basically - maybe some beeps, but otherwise just control its motion with the RC.

Well, you could buy the Jabba’s court drink tray attachment and use it to serve shots around the house? :joy:

But otherwise, yeah, it’s just a fancy RC toy. My nieces and nephews love playing with mine but it really is just a toy.

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Haven’t looked, but if the RC uses Bluetooth technology, then it might be possible to write software to control it…thing is, I doubt it has sensor technology, so still probably not much you could really do with it.


Oooo, I like that idea


I use mine to chase my cat when she gets bored with her laser pointer. But, it is a BB unit, so once she gathers up enough courage, she can pretty easily knock his head off and then it is game over.


For anyone with a droid, check out this cool new app from Disney that will apparently work with your existing droid!

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