How do soft openings work?

We plan on being at WDW shortly before May 27. If AK were to have a soft opening for Pandora, how would the public find out?
Would it be announced to anyone? Or maybe it just opens and a person would have to walk by there to find out?

If it were like Rivers of Light, you’d probably find out about it here as the word spreads.

Using 7DMT as an example, there were two phases of “soft openings”. The first phase was unannounced “random” openings; a day here, a day there, a few hours one day, nothing on the next two. It was just a matter of being “lucky” being in the right place at the right time. This went on for a couple of weeks. The second phase was basically full-time operation for a week or so before the “official” grand opening. Pandora being a full “land” vice a single ride, I would expect little of “phase one” and maybe a week or so of “phase two”. But who really knows for sure - except maybe Disney management…