How do Passholder Previews usually work?

I just saw where Passholder Previews are going to be held for Galaxy’s Edge. One reason I became a passholder this year was to hopefully take advantage of this.

So my question is, how do they work? Are they impossible to attend?

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Here’s the link for others to read:

The specific wording for SW:GE is:

In addition, we’re excited to share that Platinum, Platinum Plus and Premier Annual Passholders will be among the first to experience Star Wars : Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, with special preview opportunities planned before the land’s opening on Aug. 29. Capacity is limited and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. More information and registration details for previews will be shared at a later date. ​

You need to keep an eye out for emails with an invite, and also the Disney Parks Blog site. It is possible to register without an email invite.

More than that I can’t help you with, I’m not an AP holder. But DVC members should also keep a look out for emails and the DVC pages too.


When Pandora opened they sent a link to passholders to register. You have to do it ASAP, they will most likely be gone in just a few hours. It was easy to register, as long as you do right after getting the email.
I do see it is just for Platinum, Platinum Plus and Premier so make sure you have one of those pass types. Good luck! I was at opening day for GE in Disneyland and it was fantastic!


My son and I are DVC holders with Gold APs. His live in girlfriend is a premier passholder. I was suspicious of the August schedule but I think I will just “let it go”.


Thank you for the link. We’re going from the 24 - 27th of August (planned before the announced the opening of SWGE). I’ve been hopeful of an AP or DVC preview. Fingers crossed.

Like @PrincipalTinker we too have the Gold pass so this may push me to either hang tight or possibly upgrade one of us…

Do you think one passholder can get multiple passes for the event?

You know, I just don’t know. They can be as restrictive as they want on this. But I always try to imagine the best possible scenario and will it to happen! LOL

I’m sure in the past, only the Platinum Passholders could go, no guests.

What concerns me is that I found out about this via blog posts so how can I make sure I will get an email with the link? Or am I better off to just watch for the blog posts to provide the info?

I asked on MouseOwners how DVC owners were addressed in the past. I will be staying DVC, but on someone else’s points. My son and I both have blue cards but his live-in girlfriend does not.

I know for the Pandora previews only Passholders could register. Luckily, DD and i both had APs then.

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I was hoping for some sort of HS paid event in August. I think I will just give up the dream of seeing any of it this year.

No DVC previews?

Yes, they did do DVC previews, too. They were at different times, as I recall. I’m not sure if the DVC reservations allowed extra guests.

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I think the DVC onsite registration extended to anyone on your reservation.

DVC were easier to get than AP, but then it was a quiet time so there was a rush of people booking one or two nights to get in!


Make sure in your MDE settings, it is set up to give you emails. Other than that, just keep watching Chat, breaking news is always found there quickly it seems.

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I will see what that looks like.

I didn’t really know because we’re not DVC. We just got lucky with having APs and already having a trip planned for that time. :slightly_smiling_face: I was so thankful that someone on chat had posted a link to the reservations because I never got an email about it.

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I am a new Passholder and I’m excited that I might get a chance at GE preview.

Since they limit the number of available slots available, I’m assuming that the crowds and lines are not excessive.

For the Pandora preview it was strictly AP holder, no guests. I remember that much for sure. People were complaining about not being able to bring a guest.