How do Oga reservations work?

If you’re using an Oga reservation to get into SWGE because they’re using boarding groups, how do they know you have a reservation? Scan MB?

I’ve booked an Oga as a back-up for getting into SWGE but I couldn’t put it on my main MDE account because I have another ADR one hour earlier and the system won’t let you have ADRs closer than an hour together. So it’s on my other MDE.

Is this going to cause problems?

This doesn’t answer your question but hopefully it’s some insight.

Boarding groups only took place day one at HS. We went days 2&3. The reservations for Oga’s and Droid Depot were handled in the land like any ADR. We went to the the location and checked in with CM who had a tablet. The CM looked us up by name and checked us in. For Oga’s we were then put in a line and pulled out of it 5 minutes later by a CM with tablet calling my name. Droid Depot we were immediately put in a line inside. Only 2 families in front of us. There was a line outside and inside for walk ups. Despite what the reservation confirmation stated they never asked for ID or credit card used to secure the reservation

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You’ll need some way to scan in if there is a virtual queue in place. The cms at the entrance won’t have a list of names like ogas.

Could he deactivate one of his MBs and attach it to the dummy account? Will it matter that he entered HS on a different account?

I don’t know how you would do it. I only know you can use a hard ticket for the parties, but in this case the dummy account doesn’t have a ticket attached, just an ADR.

Assuming this is for October there shouldn’t be an issue. But if it’s after RotR opens, I really don’t know how you get around it.

The dummy account is effectively a different person, so he can’t easing a magic band to it.

I think it will just mean having to visit GS if there is a virtual queue and he needs to get into the Land ahead of his “boarding time”. It shouldn’t be a problem at Oga’s itself.

Some people go to Disney and don’t even have an MDE. Maybe bring a print out of the confirmation email for Oga’s?

A printout would be a good idea.

You can’t book ADRs without an MDE account.

Are you thinking of magic bands? If you don’t have a magic band you get an RFID plastic ticket instead.

I figured they meant a smartphone - or a plan to use it internationally. They could use MDE on the website on a computer at home.

I was on the phone with Disney for far too long this week because you can’t reassign magic bands… it’s ridiculous.

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Can’t you book ADR’s without an MDE if you do it by phone?

Not sure about that, you might be able to. If you try online you have to log in or create an account once you’ve got as far as selecting the date and time.

You can book ADRs as close together as you like if you do it on the website on a PC. I’ve noticed that the app straight up asks which one you want to keep and the “keep both” option on a browser on my iPad doesn’t let me through to booking, but on my laptop I have quite happily had two BoG reservations within 15 mins of each other, same for LC - cancelled the duplicates once I had my TPs finalised.

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