How do my plans look? First-Timer with 2 Year Old

I’ve spent almost a year researching our trip. I have scheduled all our fastpasses and TS meals. I don’t have the daily parade in our plans for either MK day but I want to try and work it in. I don’t want our DS to get overstimulated so I scheduled breaks around lunch time for several hours. We plan to use Disney Transportation so I’m not sure how that will work out. We also have our car if that would be better but we really didn’t want to have to drive once we were there since it’s a 16 hours trip. We are staying at the Grand Floridian. **Day 4 we have Chef Mickey reservations for 8:25 am and then we are going to one of the waterparks. Any suggestion on which waterpark is more suitable for a toddler would be much appreciated. I’ve read pro’s for both parks. DH turns into a giant kid when he gets near a water slide so DS and I will probably need stuff to do while he explores. We plan to return to AK for the afternoon.

Day 1 - MK -
Day 2 - EP -
Day 3 - AK -
Day 4 - AK 1/2 -
Day 5 - MK -
Day 6 - HS -

Thank you so much for any input!!!

Honestly, I think you have done a great job. It seems very similar to what my family has done the last few years and works well (our only difference is we go to different parks in the morning and evening). The ride from AK to the Grand Floridian is a little long, but it sounds like you have plenty of time scheduled in for a nice break. I have two little tips.First is that if your DS likes Disney Junior shows that Jake and Doc are outside the Live On Stage area and my DD3 and DD1 loved them. Second is that the splash area near Pete’s Silly Sideshow is a good way to cool off, just be prepared to get soaked chasing after your DS.

Thank you for the additional tips!