How do I

I bought our airline tickets a couple of days ago, and thought I remembered there was a way to put the information into MDE. I don’t see it anywhere now. Do I have to call & give them the flight details?

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Hilarious. I literally was JUST about to create a new thread asking the same thing.

I can’t find where you put in the flight information for DME in MDE! Is the only way to do it now to call?


You can do it online. Fill out the form at the link above. Easy peasy


Sure was! Thanks ever so much.

My pleasure.

Easy peasy indeedy, @OB thanks, so much!

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It’s just what I do.

Happy to help :slight_smile:


I had this same issue back in February (ah, simpler times, sigh). It took some googling to find the answer. I couldn’t believe I had to resort to the all knowing Google to get the info I needed. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who had this issue.

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That is awesome was just telling DH that I keep forgetting to call for our trip in 3 weeks and wish there was a way to do it online! Thanks!

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You’re welcome!