How do I

I bought our airline tickets a couple of days ago, and thought I remembered there was a way to put the information into MDE. I don’t see it anywhere now. Do I have to call & give them the flight details?

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Hilarious. I literally was JUST about to create a new thread asking the same thing.

I can’t find where you put in the flight information for DME in MDE! Is the only way to do it now to call?


You can do it online. Fill out the form at the link above. Easy peasy


Sure was! Thanks ever so much.

My pleasure.

Easy peasy indeedy, @OB thanks, so much!

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It’s just what I do.

Happy to help :slight_smile:


I had this same issue back in February (ah, simpler times, sigh). It took some googling to find the answer. I couldn’t believe I had to resort to the all knowing Google to get the info I needed. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who had this issue.

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That is awesome was just telling DH that I keep forgetting to call for our trip in 3 weeks and wish there was a way to do it online! Thanks!

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You’re welcome!

I have a knack for making things that should be easy difficult.

So, originally when I posted this, I had a reservation for Boardwalk Villas starting Dec 1 through Dec. 8 that was DVC rental. Then, I had stay at the COntemporary for one night.

Of course, I switched to the Contemporary to Boardwalk (booked through Disney direct), and re-submitted the form.

Then, I ended up adding Bay Lake Tower to the front end of the trip for one night via DVC. So, I once again submitted the form.

Now, after all that, the wait-list came through on the DVC Boardwalk rental at the end of the trip, so I changed my reservation from a Disney-direct to DVC rental for the final day. Which of course means the reservation number has changed.

So, I fear this is all going to be messed up.

I need to book a DME from MCO to Bay Lake Tower on one reservation, and from Boardwalk Villa to MCO on another…but there are no several other “bookings” I’ve made.

Do you think I should call to make sure this is all taken care of? What happens if I show up at the airport and they still think I’m supposed to be arriving the next day or something???

We changed from Boardwalk to Beach Club and I just filled out another form and at the bottom there was a check-box along the lines of “I have previously provided info regarding this reservation.” So I think it tries to update your old one if you click that. I’ve also never heard of people being turned away from DME!


and if you have your reservations on your MDE you can show it to them at the MCO Magical Exp. They are pretty good about accommodating ppl

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Okay. Very good. I won’t worry too much about it then. I (once again) submitted the form for our arrival and departure.

I’m surprised they don’t make this easier. If you book direct from Disney, you can put the DME information directly into MDE. But if you book via DVC, there is no means to do so! Weirdly.

In all honesty I rarely enter it at the time of the booking because- especially now - flight plans change so much. I usually enter it 45 days ahead of travel.